About The Supply Register

Our mission is to transform recruitment in the changing world of education.
Why The Supply Register?

Why The Supply Register?

The Supply Register eliminates day-to-day challenges through our platform that has been specifically built with schools’ recruitment in mind. We care about education and delivering a ‘fair deal’ for teachers, schools and the ‘ethical’ agencies that support them. 

Our founder knows the education staffing industry all too well, having spent 15 years in resourcing roles for local authorities, private sector agencies, initial teacher training providers and currently, as The Supply Register’s partnership lead with the NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union. Baljinder understands that supply staff are the hidden workforce in education today and without the flexibility and mobility offered by teachers and teaching assistants working on supply, many parts of our education system would have ground to a halt.

However, against budgetary constraints education providers must rethink their recruitment and retention strategy to find the right mix of talent that reduces disruption while tackling the skills shortage. The Supply Register occupies a unique position and can deliver total recruitment solutions by working in partnership with schools to transform existing methods and build lasting relationships.

Why choose us?

Our Vision, Mission and Values are embedded in everything we do.

From the initial call or meeting we have with every candidate or school, to our dedication to our employees and our own internal recruitment process, we hold true to them at every step of the way to make sure we are the best employer and recruitment partner we can be.


We aim to be respectful, fair, and transparent in everything we do. We try to be good listeners, thoughtful colleagues, and inspiring collaborators to work with.


We believe in doing the right thing and we are prepared to go further to achieve it. We’are never afraid to take bold, decisive action to help us achieve success.


We’are creative, inventive, and future focused, and we always try to look for innovative and constructive ways to make the world a better place.


We aspire to be honest and trustworthy and to get results by owning the solution, getting the right people involved, and delivering on our promises.

Our Story

At The Supply Register, we realise how sourcing talent and suitable opportunities in the classroom can be stressful for everybody involved. Every part of the journey could be better. With our years’ of industry knowledge, we have taken the complex issues within supply cover recruitment, mixed them with clever technology and come up with an innovative solution to give every party a far better experience.

Through cloud technology, we offer a single portal for each school, teacher and agency to remain connected.

  • Schools have a simple and effective way of filling jobs with local teachers and agencies.
  • Teachers are able to select the jobs most suitable for them.
  • Agencies can receive jobs directly without the sales activity.

The Supply Register increases pay for teachers, reduces costs to schools and helps build better relationships with agencies.

About The Supply Register

Whether you are looking for the right talent or a resourcing partner for all your school's recruitment, or you are a candidate looking for that next temporary or permanent role — The Supply Register has all the experience and expertise you need.

It’s a service you can trust.

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