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The Supply Register has uncompromising responsibility to our schools when it comes to both safeguarding and providing the highest quality candidates. This is why our Compliance+ accreditation gives our headteachers the reassurance and peace of mind they need.

Compliance+ consists of two sections:

Section 1 – Safeguarding which covers all safeguarding and child protection activities undertaken when we put a candidate into a school.

Section 2 – Competency which goes beyond the safety of a candidate, and looks to ensure that The Supply Register is providing the best, most appropriate and highest quality candidate.

As part of our safer recruitment practice and compliance with APSCO standards, The Supply Register carries out the following procedures and checks prior to putting a candidate into a school:

About The Supply Register

All candidates undertake a thorough interview conducted by a Partnership member, covering expectations whilst working for us, competencies and safeguarding. All of our team are trained to explore behaviour management skills, curriculum knowledge, SEND experience, safeguarding and child protection responsibilities, and suitability to work with children and young adults. Suitability is determined through exploratory and situational questions. If there is any concern related to the suitability of the candidate then this is escalated to the HR and Compliance Officer and/or the Managing Director.

We satisfy ourselves that any gaps in the candidate’s employment can be explained, through references or verification of unemployment.

Where a candidate has worked/lived overseas during the last 5 years for a period of 6 months or more, we will obtain an overseas police check, which needs to be verified for originality.

Our recruitment process requires us to see two original identity documents such as the candidate’s passport, birth certificate and driving licence. Copies are taken and kept on file, and we obtain new copies as the document expires.  We do not accept a birth certificate alone to prove identity. The Supply Register always refers to the government identity checking guidelines as part of its identity checking practice.

The necessary original documentation is obtained during the recruitment process and must be dated within 3 months of registration.

We require all original qualifications, retain copies on file and check teaching candidates’ details against the NCTL register.

They must hold a teaching qualification equivalent to British Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). This is checked via the National Academic Records Information Centre (NARIC).

Although it is not compulsory, we encourage all of our FE teachers to register with the Institute for Learning (IFL) and obtain the QTLS certificate.

This is carried out every 6 months.

This is to ascertain if there have been any referrals or restrictions against a candidate. The check is completed every six months.

We require all candidates to complete a health form to ascertain their physical capacity to work, as required by the Education (Health Standards) 2003 Regulations. Every candidate needs to make us aware of any changes in their health which may affect their teaching and performance. This assessment form is completed by each candidate on an annual basis.

Completed prior to the interview and repeated every 12 months.

Throughout the time a candidate is working with us, we monitor their behaviour and competency to carry out their role to the expected standard. We carry out regular quality calls to obtain this information. If the feedback is deemed a child protection concern, then The Supply Register has an Allegation/Misconduct Policy and Safeguarding Referral Policy in place to support our safer recruitment practices. We also have procedures in place to remove the candidate from our register.

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