Technology for Schools

Get your best people to the right place at the right time.

The school platform offers a one-stop, streamlined approach to the booking and management of all permanent and non-permanent staff.

Talent and Agency Management

Agency, personal service company (PSC), black book, talent pool or bank, the school platform can be used to manage any – or all – of these types of workers.

The platform offers 65 configuration options which can be set up to broadcast your vacancies to your tier one staff first. If a suitable candidate is not available, and once a school specified period of time elapses, the vacancy can then be passed onto your agency panel, to maximise chances of fulfilment.

Tried and tested across hundreds of users, the completely intuitive platform is easy to implement and even easier to use.

Supply Register Technology

A platform to provide all the real time analysis tools.

Management Information

Many partnership schools find the real-time information we are able to provide becomes an essential contribution to their strategic decision making regarding temporary and supply staff planning, forecasting and budgeting.

We are constantly developing new systems and processes to improve the quality and usability of our services and management information dashboard.

Through the integration of our operational database and website, The Supply Register is able to provide your team with access to a comprehensive suite of management reports. All users receive full training and data is available to be exported into several standard software packages.

Our innovative location or departmental budget management system works in conjunction with your own internal departmental structures and cost or purchase codes, providing you with actual and booked spend reports against defined budgets. This enhanced reporting allows greater visibility of costs, so you can manage your budgets more effectively.

Bespoke to your individual school's requirements.

Mobile Technology

The school portal has been built with the needs of hiring managers in mind. Whether accepting candidates for assignments or approving timesheets whilst on the move or non-desk based, school portal can be used without the need to login to a browser.

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