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Our managed education recruitment solutions.

Bank First

Bank First is our hybrid solution that combines the key features and benefits of both our Neutral and Master Vendor solutions with timesheet and payroll services for your directly engaged ‘black book’ of supply staff.

With over 65 configurations available for each location, that include different categories of staffing being managed via different protocols we work with customers to define a suitable sourcing strategy driven by a platform truly bespoke to each individual location within a region, cluster or multi-academy trust.

This often preferred model means that The Supply Register has the responsibility for the management of relationships with all other agencies, enabling the customer to benefit from an aggregated and simplified service, whilst retaining the breadth of supply from multiple sources.

Managed Services for Schools

We've built The Supply Register to help education professionals unlock the complexity
of staffing in today's education system.

Master Vendor

Master Vendor

The solution for customers who wish to appoint The Supply Register to generate a pool of staff (a first tier) from which they fill vacancies. Further tiers of agencies are used where necessary operating under the same terms and conditions to fulfil the bookings The Supply Register cannot fill directly.

The provision of the service is seamless and the customer contracts only with The Supply Register and not the agencies directly.

Quicker, easier and more transparent.

Neutral Vendor

The solution for customers who wish to appoint The Supply Register to manage just a supply chain of agencies. On location, The Supply Register will not supply any temporary workers but manage the supply chain or tier of agencies to fulfil the bookings into the location.

This model ensures that the solution to each requirement is objectively determined, gives all the agencies the same chance to put forward candidates and helps reduce like-for-like spend.

Neutral Vendor

You can choose to work with us on a bank first, master vendor or neutral vendor basis. Under all arrangements our partnership management team will act as your single point of contact for all your recruitment needs, managing all your agencies on your behalf and ensuring that whatever the brief we’ll find the right teacher, support or education professional for the role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your current spend on supply cover, we can save you up to 22%. Typical savings are between 11% and 18% – so for every hundred thousand pounds you spend on cover you will generally save £11,000 to £22,000.
We have implemented our models many hundreds of times, and can guarantee this is fully in place within six to eight weeks, thanks to our dedicated and highly experienced implementation team.
RPO is shorthand for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Under an RPO, an organisation will outsource all its recruitment to a third party to undertake a variety of different solutions from Bank first, managed services to neutral and master vendor.
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