The Supply Register awarded Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust MSP contract

The Supply Register is delighted to have been appointed as the Managed Service Provider for Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust, we will be managing their agency worker contracts from July 2020.

How will we be working with Dartmoor Academy Multi-Academy Trust?

The Supply Register platform will be the central system for the end-to-end procurement and management of agency workers. The arrangement allows Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust to:

  • Manage the fulfilment of day-to-day, short-term and long-term cover requirements
  • Develop a casual bank resource to be shared over all locations
  • Enforce compliance requirements and policies
  • Develop and manage a fully accredited supply chain
  • Access a wide selection of compliant agency workers
  • Download real-time Management Information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Project brief:

Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust is a growing MAT that consists of 17 Primary and Secondary academies in Devon. Having historically worked with many supply agencies across each of their locations for Teaching and Non-Teaching roles under various arrangments, terms, conditions and charge rates, they wanted to go out to market for a solution that would provide them with the better value, more transparency around charges and the better utilisation of their already developed casual staff bank.

The MAT was looking for a flexible solution and approach that would help them make additional savings, increase fulfilment rates through their own talent resourcing channels and help the hiring managers to become self-sufficient with support and reports.


The Supply Register’s hybrid bank first resourcing model proved to be the ideal approach to support Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust towards their goals. This flexible model combines our traditional Master Vendor approach, with more on-site support that is hands-on and can help Hiring Managers with problems and challenge their resourcing decisions. This hybrid approach aligned with a focus on innovative approaches to HR technology, analytics, employer branding, talent experience, and sourcing and recruiting strategies will help Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust to create cashable savings and increase fulfilment rates.

Management and Improvement of Supply Chains:

As part of our process of taking the contract on board to manage and improve Supply Chains, Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust has been added to our list of open supply chains. So, if you are looking to support the MAT you can access which job categories are currently open. Please note this is subject to change and supply chains can be closed.

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