Better manage your supply spend

At The Supply Register, we can help you make changes to your temporary staffing strategy that will truly benefit your school, academy or multi-academy trust.

As a managed service provider – we act on your behalf and have no formal affiliation with any one recruitment agency – we guarantee that the changes we implement are always decided without bias or favour to specific recruitment agencies so you can be confident you are paying the best and right price.

At The Supply Register, we understand the challenges you may encounter managing your non-permanent staff, you may be operating across multiple sites, functions and job roles. You will likely be having to control spend against budgets or monitor reasons for spend and pre-authorisation processes, especially across several sites when it is difficult to keep track of the bookings made by hiring managers in different departments.

Our unique web-based system, created specifically for education can help you make better decisions. The Supply Register cloud-based technology is unlike other software currently on the market. While there are hundreds of systems on the market, our software was originally designed as a platform for a 25-academy MAT. While other systems try to be all things to all industries, we believe in being the master of one industry – Education. With this, focus and depth of knowledge, The Supply Register understands how to help your provision succeed and ultimately enable you to focus on teaching.

Optimise & Manage Your Bank First 

  • Engage with and connect to teaching staff online using personalised settings, filters and notifications
  • Improve fill rates and other important metrics with better utilisation of existing staffing resources
  • Keep electronic staff profiles to ensure compliance in every shift worked with real-time profile auditing
  • Shift bidding, mass text/voice messaging, smart search, and agency portals.

Manage Supply Agencies

  • Real-time auditing of supply staff profiles against all vacancies
  • Engage more supply agencies faster through automated order processing
  • Set up supply agency tiers that distribute vacancies according to your preferences
  • Customised and standard reports provide unprecedented insight, helping you optimise agency performance
  • Process as little as one invoice for all supply agencies, broken down all the way to the key stage or year group level.

Compliance Management

  • Eliminate the risk of employees providing sessions with out of date certifications or disclosures
  • Easily produce documentation to verify compliance for audits
  • Easily manage onboarding, training or other internal requirements for supply staff.

Automate Payroll & Invoicing

  • Capture standard and overtime hours worked in real-time with proper audit trails
  • Customise to fit your work rules and policies
  • Make all approvals in a single system and manage accurate data that ensures error-free billing
  • Integrate with existing systems.

Dedicated Client Services

  • Get complete management with a dedicated Partnership Management Team
  • Use custom reporting and analysis to improve performance
  • Easily integrate to automate the transfer of information.

Furthermore, The Supply Register are approved suppliers across many frameworks including The Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC), The Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO).

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