Working with a Managed Service Provider such as The Supply Register

So, a School, Academy or Trust you have been servicing has decided to deploy a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and you have been invited to talk to us.

Having been on the receiving end of this type of invitation in the past we can often become very concerned and anxious about our relationship and ongoing business with the end client. We can become resentful about why it might be happening and although you may have several hiring manager friends “on the inside” who tell you that they will continue to deal with you directly, there’s nothing to guarantee that’s how things may end.

The Supply Register’s objectives when working with our schools and academies is to deliver compliance and control by often working with high level sponsorship within the school, academy or trust to help drive our solution through. But by helping supply agency consultants and managers better understand the solution (and its benefits) we make it easier to harness the maximum amount of business possible from delivering your services into such arrangements whilst retaining and building your profile with the end client.

To many Heads, CEOs, FDs and Procurement Managers we provide something that they are often desperate to know – the total spent on supply cover, types of cover used, fees paid for permanent recruits and how much they can save.

Furthermore, a consolidated, single invoice that greatly reduces the administrative burden of handling dozens of invoices from a myriad of suppliers – is music to the ears of their Business Manager!!

So, what do you need to know? The following questions are answered as part of the on-boarding process that looks to ensure you can look forward to an ongoing business relationship with both The Supply Register and the client.

  • What margins are you being asked to work to?
  • What technology and processes will they be adopting and how are you expected to interface to them?
  • What training will be provided for the new software that will be used?
  • Will you be able to interact with the school in the way that you have been up to now?
  • What SLA’s will be worked to?
  • What payment terms can you expect?
  • What resolution and complaint procedures will be implemented?
  • How often will you have direct access to the end customer?
  • What will happen to temp and contract workers who apply to the school directly?
  • How will your service be measured and how often?
  • What KPIs will be adopted?
  • How will you interface with The Supply Register’s Accounts department?
  • What Terms and Conditions will you be working to – the present contracts and terms you are used to, or a completely new set?

The Supply Register continues to attract new schools daily. We can help your agency reduce your cost of sale by bringing the requirements of schools to you in a streamlined and formal way. We can reduce your administration by delivering a self-bill/pay invoice and roll up invoices into one that get paid more quickly. That in turn can positively benefit your back office and cash flow whilst you prove your often specific and niche capabilities with schools you may previously not engaged.

If you are an agency that understands the importance of helping schools and academies better manage their budgets, during this time of uncertainty with school funding, our client list may wish to engage with you.

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